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9 Top-Rated Hiking Trails in Patagonia

Few places on planet Earth same remote and untouched such as Patagonia. The sparsely populated region, which lies on the southern tip of Argentina and Chile, it is indeed well known famous for its soaring peaks of the Andes, the glacier's work windswept steppe, toned, and culture of the gaucho. This is also the main direction for the fans of adventure, hiking and climbing trails with multi-days through some of the most rugged landscapes and unforgiving world. In General, the Patagonia trekking season lasts from October to April. Some of the lines can be really crowded in the peak summer season (January and February), when the weather is most ideal, and the people of Chile and Argentina are taking their holiday. If you are planning to travel during this time, may we suggest you order the camp and the camp in advance.

1 . W Trek

Looking for a hike that will offer a reel highlights of Patagonia? The five-day Trek through the w National Park Torres Del Paine is possibly the most classic experience in southern South America and a trip rite for an avid hiker. This is also the best trail in Patagonia for solo travelers (or pedestrian woman) because you are guaranteed to meet others along the way to share your trip. You can create once in a lifetime experiences such as rural or fancy as you want with all your camping gear hauled himself on the back and sleep in campsites or bunking-up at refugios, where beds are provided and the cooks can arrange it. You eat three times a day.

Most visitors enter the Torres Del Paine by bus from the regional center of Puerto Natales and start W Track along the 71 kilometers in Refugio a Las Torres. North from there to hike to the base of Las Torres before swinging back and heading to the Valley of France. Continue to advance to the W and U both to the large Grey Glacier, part of the Patagonian Ice Field. Once you have completed the five-day journey four nights, you can take a ship to the Refugio Paine Grande or Refugio Grey. Keep in mind, in Torres Del Paine, not uncommon to experience four seasons in one day. In fact, plan on it!

2. O Circuit

If W Tracks enough to arouse the appetite for Your Patagonian inland, you can keep going along the edge of the glacier Gray to complete nine-day circuit line, known as The O. This will add an extra 50 kilometers for Your hike. And it started with an explosion in the form of 750 meters in elevation changes as you climb Paso John Gardner to panoramic views of the nearby Campamento Los Perros. You will then be down to the far side of the Park and follows the contours of the Rio Paine through classic Patagonian steppe back to where You started the Refugio a Las Torres.

3. Lago del Desierto Border Crossing

Carretera Austral is the only artery through Northern Patagonia at the side of the Andes in Chile, but this famous highway (popular with cyclists and cyclists) are clustered in the city gaucho secluded Villa O'Higgins. Not much as a fly condor is the resort town of El Chaltén is popular in Argentina. So how can you be among them? First, you have to take a ferry to four hours in the Lago O'Higgins a turquoise colored, stopping to see the impressive O'Higgins Glacier before proceeding to the Chilean outpost from Candelario Mansilla (home to the police station, camp, and little else). Get your Passport out of Chile and continue continue to walk 20 kilometers to the next border posts in Lago del Desierto, where you can get a stamp goes to Argentina and camped for the night. Continue along the edge of Lago del Desierto the next day for 15 kilometers until you reach the southern shore of the Lake, where a regular shuttle bus to El Chaltén so far 37 kilometers. The whole trip to work more or less the same in revers. You should also remember that it is not uncommon to ship across the Lago O'Higgins was delayed for days because of strong winds that make the crossing unsafe.

4. Laguna Torre Trek

The village of El Chaltén wind-torn main trekking is the capital of Argentina, with some of the most beautiful hikes in South America. The most popular day hikes from the city, which can be expanded into a multi-day hikes for the more adventurous traveler, is Laguna Torre. Route 20-kilometers and will take you to some of the mirador (Scouts) with a view of the Summit ice Cerro Torre (3,128 metres). Most of the road follows the edge of the Rio Fitz Roy until you arrive at the glacial Lake of Laguna Torre, where you will find a small camp. You will then cross the Lake to find the most amazing of all, Mirador Maestri, where ice Glacier folds Torre faded into the horizon.

5. Huemul Circuit

This four-day circuit travels to the heart of the National Park Los Glaciares in Argentina brought in the original beech forest, pastures with high altitude, and the magic of a Patagonian Field frozen. Start at El Chaltén to climb 15 kilometres to Laguna Toro to camp on the first day, before crossing over the River along the edge of the field and the Túnel glacier which swept into the camp on the second day at the Refugio Paso del Viento 12 kilometres later. Continue circling the peak of Cerro Huemul serrated on the third day for 18 kilometres to camp at Bahía Cabo de Hornos in Lago Viedma, a large lake formed from the melting ice from the glacier is largest in Argentina. The last impulse on the fourth day was relatively flat 18 kilometres through the Patagonian steppe.

6. Hut-to-Hut Hike through Nahuel Huapi

One of the most amazing and planned through Northern Patagonia is located in the National Park Nahuel Huapi, Argentina, which surrounds the resort town of Bariloche's four seasons. The four-day hike through a number of mountain valleys and canyons carved along the border with Chile, Andean and includes a night's stay in a shared room (with mattress) in three mountain huts are well equipped. Although they did not shower, they have a simple, and you can take a dip in the cool waters of the lagoon along the way. Start trekking from the foot of the Cerro Catedral ski region to Refugio Frey (12 kilometers) for the first night. The next morning, you will walk between the towers of granite known as Los Catedrales and to Refugio Jakob on the shores of Laguna San Martin (9.5 km). Spend three nights at the Refugio Laguna Negra, 10 kilometers away, before wrapping up the increase of 16 kilometers and then on the fourth day in Colonia Suiza, a town on the outskirts of Bariloche with villas that recall the early Switzerland colonies in the area.

7. Cerro Castillo Circuit

Looking for multi day hikes are less well known through the Chilean Patagonia? Serro Castillo, a 43-kilometer Circuit offers the same wow factor W Tracks (above) without the crowd. In a tough four days, you will surround the castle-like towers of Cerro Castillo, past the glittering glaciers, turquoise lagoon, and the endangered huemul deer along the way. The path of this circuit does not see the overall traffic throughout the year and are best appreciated on a guided tour to the inexperienced backpacker, because some of the river crossing are complicated and technical mountain trails. Find a guide service in the village Villa Cerro Castillo or the regional capital of Coyhaique 1.5 hours away. Experienced climbers with previous Outback experience should be fine with a good map.

8 . Ice Hike on Perito Moreno

Although not the largest glacier in Patagonia, Perito Moreno is easily the most famous because of the creeping advance of up to two meters per day, resulting in a rumbling roar of ice that flows like a kid-sized iceberg truck into the Canal de los Tempanos. Glaciers along five kilometers along five kilometers it is photogenic lots of postcards and one of Argentina's main attractions lure visitors from near and far. One of the best way to experience it is on the rise in the ice through the contours of frost. The track four times which are guided to the ice can be set near El Calafate, a major Center for lodging and a tour in the southern sector of the National Park Los Glaciares. Most tours involve a boat ride from Puerto Bajo de las Sombras lenga forest and walk through before you binding a few cramps and descend into the ice.

9 . Cabo Froward Trek

Known as "journey to the end of the world," the route of all 45 kilometres along the banks of the Strait of Magellan and it will take you to the southern tip of the continent of South America. The four-day trip across the expanse of the Brunswick peninsula in Chile that are uninhabited, with stunning views of Tierra del Fuego and Isla Dawson along the way. There is also a great possibility you will find penguin or see dolphins swimming along the coast, offers an intimate relationship with the Patagonian countryside. You can reach the trailhead at the Rio Santa Maria by bus from the regional capital Punta Arenas, but his Ascension very challenging, it is not well marked, and is best done with a proper Guide. Try the stone Expedition team on Misguided, who helped pioneer this route.

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